God performed the first marriage ceremony when He brought Eve to Adam and the two became one.  Ever since that first human relationship, He has been teaching us how to honor each other in the marriage relationship.   Our goal and prayer is that the resources below will help you enjoy your marriage the way God designed it to be enjoyed.

Six Foundations for Building a Solid Marriage

First Foundation: Individually Live out the Core Values of R.I.S.C.
• Relationship with Jesus and with one another
• Integration and application of God’s Word
• Service before Self
• Commitments that are honored
Second Foundation: Have a Marriage Appointment Once a Week
It can be hard to connect on an emotionally and spiritually intimate level in such a busy world. A marriage appointment is a special time, usually about an hour each week, that you and your spouse spend focusing on each other and on your marriage. Click here to learn more. If you’re looking for more to talk about during your appointment, try the Topic of the Week.
Third Foundation: Attend at Least One Marriage Seminar a Year
A marriage seminar can be very useful for learning from speakers, pastors and other couples, reflecting on the growth of your marriage in the last year, and setting goals and priorities for the coming year.
Fourth Foundation: Read the Books Everyone Should Read about Marriage
These books can help you become a better spouse, understand one another better, and help you increase the health of your relationship. Click here for a list of recommended books.
Fifth Foundation: Have at Least One Date Night a Month
Fun and romance are important during all stages of your marriage. Take time (without the kids) to enjoy one another’s company. Click here for some ideas.
Sixth Foundation: Be in Community with Other Healthy Couples
Developing relationships with other couples is important for your health as an individual and for the health of your marriage. Your spouse cannot and should not be your only support system. Other couples can offer accountability and insight that often proves very valuable. Click here to find a community group for couples.

Take the Solid Marriage Challenge!

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