Nursery & Preschool

imagejpeg_10It is our goal to provide an environment in which each child will be safe, cared for and ministered to at his or her level of development. We strive to balance fun and learning, provide age-appropriate snacks, and have a diverse staff of joyous and skilled volunteer teachers and helpers.

Rebecca Wieland, Children’s Ministry, Email Rebecca

Our Sunday Offerings for Birth-PreK

All preschool classes are at 9am and 11am and located on the first floor.
Nursery for 6 weeks-15months (confident walking)
Noah’s Ark for 15 months through age 2.5 years
Mini-Kidzone for 2.5-5 years

Helpful Information

  • Please visit the checkin kiosk and sign your child into class for each service. This will assign your child a unique three-digit alphanumeric code for security purposes. Text messages will be used in the event your child’s teacher needs to contact you. Please provide your ten digit mobile number and carrier at checkin.
  • Only individuals with the child’s security number will be able to check the child out of class.
  • In the event that your child’s teacher needs to contact you during service, you will be sent a text message. Please check in with the teacher at the appropriate classroom.
  • Please label any diaper bags, sippy cups, special snacks, etc.
  • Making sure your child has used the restroom before each service or has a fresh diaper is a great help to our teachers!
  • Please notify the teacher of any food allergies, medical conditions, special needs, or custody issues before service.
  • Please notify the teacher if you do not wish your child’s diaper to be changed.
  • Please notify the teacher if your child is experiencing teething or separation anxiety.